The Guilty Feminist, Kaytee Stewart

1pm @ Faunce Memorial Room (229)

Come have lunch (Pizza Pier) and chat with Kaytee Stewart, who will be facilitating a conversation with students around the idea of “feminist guilt”.  

Kaytee Stewart is heavily involved in queer and feminist activism.  Her research focus has been on expanding the meaning and application of feminism in policy (particularly around transgender and genderqueer, gender-variant inclusivity and fluidity through disrupting binaried understanding of gender as the predicate for rights and protections) but beyond her academic focus, she has become increasingly interested in how we define, police and judge what can count as feminism and who can embody, live out and identify with feminist ideology. She aims to explore and understand the concept of feminist guilt, as we navigate a world with complex expectations for us as gendered people and feminists.


Pride Prom, QA

10pm @ TBA

Thursday March 14

“The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure”, Charlie Glickman

4pm @ Wilson 105

Are you curious about prostate play? Or maybe you’ve tried it and want some tips to make it even more fun? Charlie Glickman PhD, author of  The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and their Partners, will give you all the info you need to see for yourself why more men and their partners are discovering how much fun prostate stimulation can be. He’ll talk about the common concerns that sometimes keep people from exploring it (and how to overcome them), tips for easy and pleasureable anal penetration, prostate massage, which toys work best for prostate fun, pegging, combining prostate pleasure with other kinds of sex, and much more. Whether you’re just starting out or you already enjoy prostate play, come learn some new ways to make sex lots of fun! For more info about Charlie, please visit his website, on Facebook , or on Twitter.

***Did we mention prizes? Maybe you’ll walk away with a new prostate massager 😉

FB EVENT: Prostate Play

“Sex, Shame and Love”Charlie Glickman

7pm @ List 120

Shame influences and shapes sexuality for almost everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and individual desires. If we want to overcome and move past sexual shame, we need to understand how it works and how it affects us. Charlie Glickman PhD has been studying and exploring sexual shame for over a decade and he’ll unpack how it works. Developing shame resilience makes it easier to deal with this difficult but inevitable emotion, along with jealousy, loss, and fear. It also helps us create more space to give and receive love, explore our authentic selves, and build the relationships that suit us. Through both presentation and facilitated discussion, you’ll find new ways to keep shame from getting in the way and create the relationships that work for you! For more info about Charlie, please visit his website, on Facebook , or on Twitter.

FB EVENT: Sex and Shame

“Sex and Chocolate in the Dark”SFC

9pm @ Hillel Meeting Room

Celebrate Sex Week with an open discussion about all things sex in a safe, comfortable environment. Bring blankets, pillows, friends, and questions for a night of cozy conversation in a dark, anonymyzing space. The evening with be moderated by a panel of knowledgeable sexperts from the Brown Community. Come prepared to just listen, ask questions, or share your own advice and stories. Oh yeah, and be prepared to eat tons of nature’s greatest aphrodisiac: chocolate. Organized by Students for Choice and SHEEC for Sex Week 2013!

Wedesday March 13

“Queering the Toybox”,  Aida Manduley

7pm @ Metcalf Aud

Aida Manduley ’11 is the Sexual Health Advocate at Sojourner House and the Programming and Development Coordinator at the Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure. She will be returning to her alma mater with an interactive workshop on sex toys.

Going beyond a Sex Toys 101 while still remaining accessible to those who’ve never stepped foot inside a sex-shop, this interactive workshop will introduce you to new technologies in the world of sex toys. Curious about eco-friendly items, or products that remember your preferences through integrated microchips? Perhaps you’ve heard about teledildonics, toys designed specifically for queer people, or insertables made out of moonstone… With a focus “queering” as a technological, political, and personal move, we’ll talk about how to engage our sexualities and identities in the pursuit of pleasure objects that are held to higher standards and turn normative spaces on their head.

***There will be TOYS! Don’t miss it! Head over to SELFSERVICE.BROWN.EDU to learn what to do with your new toys ;).***

FB EVENT: Queering the Toybox


9pm @ Smith Buannano 101

sex week brown shag

Tuesday March 12th

Communication and Consent, FemSex

5pm @ Wilson 101 

FemSex facilitators, Lindsay Sovern ’14 and Anna Quinn ’13, will be leading a workshop on personal definitions of consent, active and passive desires, and brainstorming communication tools. If you have ever been curious about FemSex and want to see what a discussion would be like, you definitely want to check this out!

Dirty Talk: Getting Wordy and Dirty with Ben Privot, SHEEC

8pm @ Macmillan 115

Come immerse yourself in a sex-positive environment and learn why consensual hooking up is hotter hooking up. Learn ways to build consent with your partners and hookups, and how to best express yourself to discover common ground with those your into. Oh, and did we mention free sex toys?

Get wordy and dirty with Ben Privoty

Get wordy and dirty with Ben Privot