“Queering the Toybox”,  Aida Manduley

7pm @ Metcalf Aud

Aida Manduley ’11 is the Sexual Health Advocate at Sojourner House and the Programming and Development Coordinator at the Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure. She will be returning to her alma mater with an interactive workshop on sex toys.

Going beyond a Sex Toys 101 while still remaining accessible to those who’ve never stepped foot inside a sex-shop, this interactive workshop will introduce you to new technologies in the world of sex toys. Curious about eco-friendly items, or products that remember your preferences through integrated microchips? Perhaps you’ve heard about teledildonics, toys designed specifically for queer people, or insertables made out of moonstone… With a focus “queering” as a technological, political, and personal move, we’ll talk about how to engage our sexualities and identities in the pursuit of pleasure objects that are held to higher standards and turn normative spaces on their head.

***There will be TOYS! Don’t miss it! Head over to SELFSERVICE.BROWN.EDU to learn what to do with your new toys ;).***

FB EVENT: Queering the Toybox


9pm @ Smith Buannano 101

sex week brown shag


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